How to Make your Perfume Last Longer All Day?

Here are steps to making your perfume last all day:

1. When To Apply
The best time to start your perfume application process is after a shower or bath, when pores are open from the steam.

2. Create a Barrier by Moisturizing your Skin
After you’ve opened your pores in the bath or shower, apply a vaseline or scent-free lotion on pulse points and skin to really maximize your perfume’s staying power. This creates a barrier between the perfume and your skin, slowing down absorption, therefore helping the fragrance last longer.

3. Know your Pulse Points & Hot Spots
After you’ve showered and created a barrier, Target pulse points and hot spots (areas where the body is warmer), including behind the ears, collarbone, inside elbows, chest, belly button, back of your knees and inner wrists on your body.

4. Break Bad Habits
Don't dab the fragrance on your wrists after spraying. If you rub your wrists together, you'll force the top notes to disappear faster than intended and as a result make your fragrance not last as long.

5. Spray Your Hairbrush
Spray the fragrance on your hairbrush before running it through your hair. Your hair will be lightly scented and undamaged.

6. Keep Distance While Spraying
Sometimes it's nice to spray perfume directly onto your clothes to make them smell nice, But the right way to spray your perfume is by holding the nozzle about 6 inches away from the skin and clothes while spritzing. This will help get the best of the scent and reduce the risk of staining your clothes.

7. For a Lighter Scent
Spray the fragrance in the air and slowly walk into the mist. The spray will distribute evenly across your body and leave you with a hint of fragrance for occasions when you don't want to smell as strong.

8. Keep the Box
If you don't have a lot of perfume storage options, store the bottle inside the box. The box will protect it from sunlight, heat, and moisture, ensuring the perfume lasts longer.

9. Store in Cool, Dry Place
If you want your fragrances to last longer, don't store them in your bathroom or other damp, warm places because heat, light, water and humidity will break down the perfume and lessen the quality of the fragrance. Instead, store them in cool, dry spots like on the vanity in your room.

10. Pick Your Perfume Wisely
The components of your fragrance play a huge role in how intense your scent is, obviously. The base notes are the most obvious ingredients with the most long-lasting effects, so pick a perfume with base notes like vanilla, patchouli, cedar, pine and woody components. These will help make its effects long lasting. 

Where to Apply perfume for long lasting effect




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